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Previously On X-Men

Jun 17, 2021

Hilary discusses the 2018 film, Deadpool 2, with guest host Nic from This Endorian Life!

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On Previous on X-Men, we look back on X-Men comics, movies, tv shows, characters and more!

Every week, we talk about a different topic, alternating between highlights, movies, and TV shows.

Highlight: In these episodes, we zoom in on a comic, character, or creator. Previous episodes include character spotlights on Scarlet Witch and Mystique, discussions of Giant Size X-Men and the Gambit solo run, and interviews with comic book artist Alitha Martinez and showrunner and writer for the X-Men Animated Series, Eric and Julia Lewald.

Movies: Each movie episode covers a movie from the X-Men franchise including production info and a detailed watch-through review.

TV: Starting with the X-Men Animated Series, we go through the X-Men TV shows episode by episode.